Release notes for IRRd 4.1.2ΒΆ

IRRd 4.1.2 was released on February 10th, 2021, and resolves an issue in the RPKI importer, where the status of certain objects could be incorrect, if RPKI aware mode was enabled, and one or more sources where excluded from RPKI validation.

Specifically, this applied to objects when:

  • RPKI aware mode was enabled.

  • Multiple route(6) objects existed with the same primary key (i.e. the same prefix and origin) in different sources.

  • RPKI exclusion was enabled for one or more, but not all, of the sources with the identical primary key route(6) objects.

  • According to RPKI data, the combination of prefix and origin was covered by a ROA.

In this situation, the object from the RPKI excluded source(s) should be marked as not found, the other objects as invalid or valid. However, the RPKI importer would incorrectly update all objects with the same primary key, from all sources.

Therefore, on one run, all objects would be updated to not found, then the next run, all objects to invalid or valid, flipping every time the RPKI importer was run. If the objects were invalid according to RPKI data, this also flipped them between being visible and invisible.