Release notes for IRRd 4.0.3ΒΆ

IRRd 4.0.3 was released on June 29th, 2019, and contains one change relating to referential integrity validation between RPSL objects.

In earlier versions of IRRd, the members attribute of an as-set, along with several others, were strongly validated. This meant it was not possible to add or update an as-set, if some of the members were not valid objects in the same source. The same applied to fields like member-of in a route-set.

In IRRd 4.0.3, all references from members, mp-member, mbrs-by-ref and member-of are weak references. Their syntax is validated, e.g. for as-set members, values must be a valid as-set name or a valid AS number. However, there is no validation on whether the objects actually exist. It is also possible to delete e.g. a route-set, even when the object is still listed in the member-of in a route object, or to reference a maintainer that does not exist in a mbrs-by-ref.