IRRd version 4.2.5

Internet Routing Registry daemon version 4 is an IRR database server, processing IRR objects in the RPSL format. Its main features are:

  • Validating, cleaning and storing IRR data, and extracting information for indexing.

  • Providing several query interfaces to query the IRR data.

  • Handling authoritative IRR data, and allowing users with the appropriate authorisation to submit requests to change objects.

  • Mirroring other IRR databases using file imports and NRTM.

  • Offering NRTM mirroring and full export services to other databases.

This IRRd version 4 project was originally commissioned in 2018 by NTT and designed and developed by Reliably Coded (known as DashCare until 2021). Since then, Reliably Coded has been maintaining and extending IRRd significantly, for, or with support of, NTT, ARIN, Merit, RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund, LACNIC, Netnod and Internetstiftelsen. This has taken place in the form of development contracts, support contracts, or grants.

Older versions of IRRd are or were in use at by various IRR operators. places. Difficulties with continued maintenance and extension of these older versions lead to the IRRd v4 project.


IRRd 4.2.x versions prior to 4.2.3 had a security issue that exposed password hashes in some cases. All 4.2.x users are urged to update to 4.2.3 or later. See the 4.2.3 release notes for further details.

For administrators

This documentation is mainly for administrators of IRRd deployments.

Running queries

For end users

This documentation is mainly for end users, who are performing queries on IRRd instances, or trying to add objects to an instance, or running mirrors of an IRRd instance.

For developers

This documentation is mainly for people who want to develop on the IRRd code base itself, or want to know how it works.